By taking control of negative effects and outcomes that are related to occupational health and safety, ZAMine Services LLC is building a team with adaptable, professional employees that build sincere relationships, value safe work and have an initiative, extensive and in-depth knowledge of the products as well as an insight for the future. We aspire to minimize operational adverse impacts on the environment. This means constituting HSE management system, all the while continuously improving its’ implementation and operate concentrating on following main points:

  1. Complying with all HSE related national and international standards, legal and other requirements.
  2. For senior employees at all levels to be HSE role models by leading other employees and contractors by example.
  3. For each employee to be obliged to report and manage the risks.
  4. To identify HSE training needs and to provide relevant trainings to all employees.
  5. Taking and implementing actions to prevent from industrial accidents, acute poisoning, negative environmental impacts and other hazardous situations. Doing incident investigations, taking preventative and corrective actions in case an incident occurs. 
  6. Conducting regular HSE inspections and taking corrective actions in case of non-compliance revelations.
  7. To be receiving and accepting all HSE related requirements, advices and requests made by contractor companies.
  8. Assessing and reviewing of individual and departmental HSE performances.
  9. For employees at all levels to be actively and initiatively participating in HSE related issues.

This policy is open to all ZAMine Services LLC’s employees, its’ contractor companies, cooperating organizations and shall be followed within ZAMine Services LLC’s scope by each employee.…………………………/title/ will be responsible for implementation of this policy throughout the Company.

Chief Executive Officer                                              Hiroaki Takizawa


ZAMine Services LLC established in March 2010

ZAMine Services LLC is the joint venture company of Marubeni Corporation and Tavan Bogd Group, established in March 2010 as the official distributor of Hitachi Construction Machinery in Mongolia

Best Supplier of the Year in 2012

ZAMine Services LLC was nominated and selected as “Best Supplier of the Year” in December 2012

Top 150 Enterprises in 2014

ZAMine Services LLC was selected as "Best Taxpayer" of 2014 upon it met with criterion on "Best Taxpayer larger enterprises" category nominated by National Tax Authority for adhesion of tax legislation of Mongolia in fair manner and significant contribution into state and local budget.